How to Plan a Kids Party

There is something about planning a party that fills me with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. I love planning, but planning a soiree for teeny tiny little people can be daunting.

To help you in your efforts I’ve put together a few tips that will help you plan an awesome party that will be the talk of the town.

  1. Decide on a Budget

    Deciding on your budget will allow you to reign in your plans, it’s important to stick to your budget, planning kids parties can get out of hand in no time at all. So decide on how much you’d like to spend in total, then break down into food, venue, entertainment, and decor.

  2. Plan your Guestlist

    Choosing your guest list early will help you with your budgeting and deciding on what venue to use- if you are using a venue, so it’s important to decide on a guest list early. This will also allow you to send out your invitations early. [Atleast a month before the party date] Remember if you are inviting kids from your children’s day care, it’s best to give notice early if you want them to attend – they are not family members so they don’t pencil in your child’s birth date on their calendars each year. Getting invites out early will ensure more kids are available on the day.

  3. Start Pinning

    Pinterest is my all time favourite planning tool. I literally have hundreds of boards! Pinterest is great for locking down a theme and for getting amazing DIY ideas to keep your budget in check. I usually have two or three party themes in mind, then create a board for each and compare them before deciding on a theme. My themes usually centre around my kids’ favourite tv shows leading up to their birthday. Pinterest will also give you great ideas for themed foods for your party. It’s important to give yourself a cut-off date for your pinning though, decide on what you want and stop pinning, there is no point in scouring Pinterest the night before your party, it’s only going to lead to remorse and frenzy.

  4. Execute

    Once you have decided on your theme, your menu and have sent out your invites, it’s time to start executing those cute Pinterest DIY posts you’ve saved, you do not want to be painting styrofoam numbers the night before the party! So give yourself a few weeks to do things properly. It gives you time to change your mind if you aren’t happy with the final product.

  5. Have Help at Hand

    Make sure that you have help on the day of the party, someone to usher your guests in, make sure that the buffet is refreshed, keep an eye on the kids or just fill your glass whenever it’s empty. Remember it’s your child’s birthday party so it’s important for you to spend time with him/her. Having that person around to do all the running around will allow you to enjoy the party, make your guests feel at home and build memories with your family.

I hope these tips come in handy, remember don’t stress too much, take everything in your stride, your child will love whatever marvellous creation you come up with!

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