2017 Party Theme Trends

There is nothing I like more than a well thought out and executed party theme. I’m not referring to the run of the mill theme’s most of us gravitate towards for simplicity sake. I’m talking about the beautiful themes that make you go “Oooh” and start pinning for your next party.

Internationally, parents seem to be pushing the boundaries of creativity and I’m happy to see that South Africans are following suit. I’ve compiled a list of 4 of the top party trends at the moment, it’s exciting to see how South Africans put their spin on these themes.

  1. Unicorn Theme

    This is arguably the biggest and cutest birthday party theme this year. Unicorns are magical creatures and creating a whole party around them was an ingenious idea. We love Tessa’s bakeries version of the unicorn cake, it is absolutely beautiful and tastes as wonderful as it looks. The unicorn theme is usually paired with rainbows, tutu table skirts and lots and lots of pink. Too adorable!

    Kara’s Party Ideas

    Tessa’s Bakery
  2. Woodland Theme

    Think cute little deer, foxes, and hedgehogs in their native habitat. This theme sees browns, oranges, and greens at the fore front of this very rustic look. Lots of moss, pine combs and tree slices. This theme usually goes hand in hand with camping elements or boho teepees. This theme is very versatile and is often used for baby showers, sleep over parties and can be used for both girls and boys. Take a look at this beautiful Woodland party on Kara’s Party Ideas.

  3. Tropical Theme

    This has to be one of the more festive themes around these days. I adore Flamingos and palm trees and this theme sees loads of them coupled with pineapple and Philodendron leaves. It’s the quintessential summer theme and is being used for engagement parties to baby showers. This theme has been around for a while now and has morphed into the Cactus/Succulent theme which is yet to make its appearance on our shores.

    Life’s Little Celebrations

  4. Superhero Theme

    This is probably one of the oldest theme’s around but because its such a favourite we see it being re-vamped every year. Last year we saw the full comic strip superhero with city skyline backdrops, this year we are seeing male superhero characters translated into female superhero’s and we are loving it, check out this party at Catch my Party! Another popular choice is the monochrome superhero party. Put your own spin on it, this theme isn’t going anywhere!

Catch my Party

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