The Round Up: Emoji Party

After watching the hilarious Emoji Movie, we were inspired to show you some super cool ideas and DIY tricks to help you throw an awesome emoji party! 


emoji party backdrop
Fun 365

Take a look at this backdrop, that can easily be made at home. Yellow paper plates, black, red, blue and white paper and glue is all you need to put this backdrop together, take a look a the rest of the party here

We also love the solid colours they chose to accompany the brighter yellow.  Don’t forget to balance your colours or the yellow could become very overpowering, choose a colour to accompany the yellow and stick to it.

emoji party free printables
Lilian Hope Designs

Take a look at these cute printables at Lilian Hope Designs, there are loads of free printables on her page so take a look and download the ones you are interested in.

We love these little juice bottles, just print and stick them to your straws, easy enough… and it will add lots of character to your party!


 There are loads of interesting ideas for emoji themed food. We love the simple cupcakes with chocolate icing, or these cupcakes with yellow frosting. 

emoji party cupcakes
Catch My Party

If you are stuck for ideas, stick a toothpick with an emoji stuck to it into whatever food you serve. The beauty of this theme is that you can overload on emoji’s and there are so many to choose from!

Take a look at these cupcakes on Catch My Party.

Head over to our Pinterest Board to find some more inspiration.

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